Benor NPO

The non-profit organisation Benor asbl was established in 2012 to manage this collective compliance label and to protect its general interests.

Benor also handles control of the harmonised application of the collective Benor label to different sectors, products, processes or services.


Mr Paul Meekels, Chairman
Mr Stef Maas, Vice-Chairman
Aymé Argeles
Ms Ilse Wuyts
Mr Didier Block
Benny De Blaere
Mr Alain Gérard
Mr Hervé Camerlynck
Mr Michel Calozet
Mr Herman Looghe
Mr Michel Procès
Mr Kris Redant
Mr Didier Van de Velde
Mr Dirk Van Loo
Ms Christel Van Loock
Mr Bart Velleman
Mr Alain Verhoyen
Mr Alex Pire
Mr Carl Heyrman
Ms Caroline Ladang