Products / Services

GROUP OF produCts
Terracotta productsBCCATerracotta building products – Miscellaneous
Terracotta facing bricks
Non-decorative bricks
Roadway bricks
Cement products reinforced with natural mineral fibresBCCAFibre-cement – Flat sheets
Fibre-cement – Slates
Fibre-cement – Corrugated sheets
Natural stone for buildingsBCCANatural stone
Natural stone building products
Roofing productsBCCASubstrates
GlassBCCALaminated glass
Insulating glass
Concrete repairsBCCARepair & protection of concrete (general)
Repair mortar – EN 1504
Anchor mortar
Inspection chambersBCCA
Synthetic conduit systems and similar productsBCCAThermoplastic pipes & accessories
Thermoset hoses & accessories
Individual purification systems (IPS)BCCAThermoplastic elements for IPS
MortarBE-CERTMasonry mortar
AdditivesBE-CERTAdditives for concrete, mortar and grout
CementBE-CERTStandard and special cement (LA, HSR, HES)
LimeBE-CERTBuilding lime for soil stabilisation
Fly ashBE-CERTFly ash for concrete
Concrete productsPROBETONMasonry elements made from aggregate concrete (common and lightweight aggregate)
Masonry elements made from autoclaved aerated concrete
Masonry elements made from silicone limestone
Reinforced elements made from autoclaved aerated concrete
Hollow-core slabs in prefabricated concrete for flooring systems
Prefabricated products in non-reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete and steel fibre concrete for infrastructure works
Manholes and inspection chambers in non-reinforced concrete, steel fibre concrete and reinforced concrete
Prefabricated products in concrete – buried sheaths
Perforated and porous pipes in non-reinforced concrete for drainage and infiltration pipes
Prefabricated concrete sumps for discharging water
Pipes and additional parts in non-reinforced concrete, steel fibre concrete and reinforced concrete
Prefabricated concrete tanks for rainwater tanks, septic tanks and domestic wastewater treatment systems
Concrete lawn slabs
Pavers and slabs in water-permeable concrete
Draining and perforated slabs for ground cover and/or banks
Prefabricated concrete elements for road retention systems
Concrete cleaved slabs
Prefabricated concrete products – urban and garden furniture
Prefabricated concrete products – retaining wall elements
Concrete slabs
Concrete pavers
Concrete edging elements
Concrete tiles and accessories for covering and cladding
Prefabricated concrete products
Architectonic and industrial elements in decorative concrete
Prefabricated concrete products – elements for grooved floors
Prefabricated concrete products – linear structure elements
Prefabricated concrete products – hollow slabs
Prefabricated concrete products – pre-stressed products for flooring systems
Prefabricated concrete products – gratings for livestock
Prefabricated concrete products – foundation elements
Prefabricated concrete products – stairs
Prefabricated concrete products – wall elements
Prefabricated concrete products – foundation piles
Prefabricated concrete products – beams for flooring systems
Steel for  reinforced concreteOCABLaminated and drawn steel: production, transformation, distribution
Pre-stressing steelOCABRods, wires and strands: production, transformation, distribution
Vertical signageOCABDual-arm public lighting: production, transformation, distribution
Vertical road signs: production, transformation, distribution
Protection against fire & intrusionANPIFire-door
Hose reel (fire hose)
Hydrant (fire hydrant)
Fire blanket
Fire-suppressant dustbin
Sandstone sewerage collectors COPROPipes, accessories and assemblies
Special accessories
Sandstone inspection chambers
Sinking pipes
ExtinguishersAPRAGAZPortable extinguishers
Mobile extinguishers
Plastics SealsCOPROelastomers
Geosynthetic products
Road retention systemsCOPROSteel safety rail
Concrete safety rail poured in situ
Safety rails in other materials
Other retention systems
Cast ironCOPROPipes and accessories – discharge
Pipes and accessories – water conduits
Road products – closing devices (e: 10 mm)
Road products – closing devices (e: 7 mm)
Road products – drains
Tree grids
Road markingCOPROGlass and non-slip beads
Cold coatings
Pre-formed markings
Other marking products
AggregateCOPRORecycled aggregate
Loads for hydrocarbon mixtures in road construction
Mixtures treated with hydraulic bindersCOPROGranular mixtures treated with hydraulic binders
Natural stone for roadsCOPRONatural stone
Exterior paving (blocks) in natural stone
Natural stone pavers
Natural stone edging
Classification of rocks
Technical requirements for carbonate sedimentary rock
Small wastewater treatment systems up to 50 PTECERTIPROPrefabricated septic tanks
Domestic wastewater treatment systems, ready to use and/or assembled on-site
Plastic pipesBCCAPVCC pipes
PE plastic pipes
PVC plastic pipes and connectors
Pipes, accessories, joins and inspection chambers for UP-GF pipes
Fillers for hydrocarbon mixturesCOPRO
Bitumen-based sealsBCCA
Pipes, connectors and accessories in ductile cast iron and assemblies for sanitationCOPRO